Rainbow Riches - A Great Game for Slot Machine Fans


If you enjoy playing on slot machines you would definitely have come across Rainbow Riches at least once in your life. This slot game is quite popular all over the United Kingdom and can even be found on the internet nowadays. The game has a huge fan following and chances are, if you start playing, you too will get addicted to it.

The game was launched in 2006 by Barcrest and was among the first slot machine games in the United Kingdom to offer a jackpot of 500 pounds. Since then, this game has rapidly increased in popularity and is now one of the best slot machines games in the UK.

This game is quite easy to understand and has an Irish them to it. It centers around a leprechaun and also has a 'Pot of Gold' that players try to win. You can choose how much money you want to bet on each spin and hope for the best. The game comes with five reels and twenty win lines which mean that the action will always be fast and the payouts will be constant. But what really sets this game apart from the rest is the bonus games it offers.

You can choose between three bonus games in Rainbow Riches. All of them offer decent payouts with the third bonus game offering a mammoth 500x payout. All you have to do is get a pot of gold on the three middle reels and you will be able to play for the 500x jackpot. Basically, the more you play, the more the chance of you winning.

Even though there aren't any official statistics, it is believed that the online version of Rainbow Riches offers a payout 95 % of the times. This has got to be one of the highest win percentages (if not the highest) in the world. The game also has some wonderfully animated symbols, a colorful display, eye catching icons and lives up to its Irish origins by offering a pot of gold to winners at the end of the rainbow. The 3 bonus rounds ensure that players never get bored of spinning the wheel each time and have something refreshing in between. But you will have to play the game yourself if you want to truly get a feel for the bonus rounds.

When playing online, you can even start off by playing the game for free. You will not win any real money here though. You can start playing for real money once you're sure of how the game works. So what are you waiting for? Start playing today.